The Cuyahoga - Tuscarawas Portage

A Review

The word "Portage" means carrying place - especially a carrying place between two bodies of water. Back when there were no cars or modern transportation, the Native American Indians used the Portage Path to transfer their canoes from the Cuyahoga River to the Tuscarawas River or vise versa. The first American Indian tribe to live in Akron was the Erie tribe. The first white people to ever travel this path were French fur traders and voyagers. George Washington wanted to figure out the best mode of communication between the tide water regions of Virginia and the North West Territory. He decided that using the Portage trail was the best way because Ohio had already been mapped out. There has been no evidence that George Washington has ever been on the path, even though he suggested it. Everyone who walked the path left no record of traveling on one shorter than it. In the treaty in 1783 the Western boundaries of the United States were fixed at the Mississippi. A point can still be raised as to whether or not the rivers are navigable. All streams that are even slightly navigable are considered navigable by the law, so they are legally navigable because they can be navigated slightly. The Tuscarawas river used to have a lot more water, but over the years it has lost water quickly. The streams, in historical time , were deeper and had more wildlife living in it. Back then, there were more trees over the river, so it kept the water from evaporating as quickly because the river would not be exposed to the sunlight. New Portage was named when the Native Americans didn't live here anymore and it was just the settlers. The settlers started moving here quickly after the War of 1812. The path is now used for commercial purposes by attracting tourists to the historical landmark. In 1807 Portage County was formed and named for the Portage. There is a watershed here in Akron that made the waters flow either north or south. Today, you can drive alongside the rivers and the Portage in cars because of the roads we have built. The Portage was the shortest and most logical way of crossing the watershed and it still is today.


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